The allocation defines how the orders are allocated to accounts. In ZLT, an order can be allocated to one account, multiple accounts in one TWS, or multiple accounts in multiple TWS'.


Allocation Profile Types

There are three types of allocation profiles: Single Account, Percentage and Absolute Shares.

Single Account profile will allocate all the shares to one account. ZLT will generate Single Account profiles automatically for every accounts.

Percentage profile allocates shares based on the given percentages to the specified accounts

Absolute Shares profile allocates shares based on the given shares to the specified accounts.


Create/Edit/Delete Allocation Profile

1. From ZLT main window, click Configure->Allocation Profiles ... to open the Allocation Profiles dialog:

Note: ZLT automatically create Sub Account allocation profile for each account. The Sub Account allocation profile's name is in the format of AccountName:ConnectionName, for example, DU4911:TWS1. If an order has this allocation profile, all the contracts/shares will be allocated to the account DU4911 in TWS1.

If the Connection Name is ZLT_Sim, the order will be allocated to corresponding sim account.

2. Right click on the profiles table and select New Absolute Shares Profile ...:


3. The New Allocation Profile dialog pops up:

4. Enter the profile name and shares as following:

This profile will allocation 2 contracts to live account DU4911 and 2 contracts to sim account ZLT Sim Acct 1.

5. Click OK to dismiss the New Allocation Profile dialog. Note in the Allocation Profiles dialog, the new profile is listed:

Note: If the new profile is not listed, close the dialog and re-open it. This display problem will be fixed shortly.

6. Click OK to close the Allocation Profiles dialog.


Select an Allocation Account

1. Make sure the Allocation column is shown in the ZLT main window. If not, right click on the column header area and check the Allocation menu item.

2. Click the Allocation cell in a data row and select an allocation profile.


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