Data Server is where ZLT handles all the data related issues, such as connection/disconnection with the data source and insert/edit/remove contracts.


The Popup Menu:

Right click on the contract table will bring up the popup menu.


Insert/Edit Contract:

Contract Name:

A unique  name to distinguish the contract in ZLT.


The description of the contract. 

Symbol: Contract symbol.

SecType: FUT, OPT, STK and etc.

Expiry: The expiration for futures or options in yyyymm format.

Strike: The strike price for options.

Right: CALL or PUT for options.

Exchange: GLOBEX, SMART, ACE and etc.

Symbol, SecType, Expiry, Strike, Right, Exchange: Depending on the security type, some or all of these fields are required to receive data.


The fields in the Settings tab are not required to receive data.

Price Scale:  1/100, 1/32 , 1/32 and 1/2 of 32nd and etc.. For example, for ES and NQ, the price scale is 1/100; for ZB, the price scale is 1/32 and for ZN, it is 1/32 and 1/2 of 32nd.

Multiplier: The dollar amount for one point move. For example, for ZB, it is $1000 for one point. That converts to $31.25 for one tick or 1/32 movement.

Minimum Order Price Increment: The minimum order price increment. For ES, it is 0.25; 0.50 for NQ; 0.015625, i.e., 1/64, for ZN and 0.03125, i.e., 1/32, for ZB. It is used by Shortcuts when modifying orders.

Large Order Price Increment and Large Order Size Increment: They are used by Shortcuts to modify the orders with the large increment value. 

Commission: The commission for one contract one way.




Data Source:



It will try to connect to IB's TWS. The TWS can reside on different machine as specified in Connection Settings.


Disconnect from TWS.

Connection Settings ...:

ZeroLine Trader can connect to the TWS residing on the same or different machines.

Local Machine: Select it if ZeroLine Trader and TWS are on the same machine

Machine Name or IP Address: The machine name or IP address of the machine where the TWS is running.

Port Number: As defined in TWS's Configure -> API -> Socket Port ....

Client ID: If you are connecting multiple client applications to one TWS, the client ids for each client applications have to be different. ZeroLine Trader's client id can be specified here.