Quick Start

This Quick Start tutorial consists of two parts:


Quick Start with Main Window

Step 1. Start the ZeroLine Trader software (either ZLT Live or ZLT Sim) and connect to IB's TWS.  Please refer to How to connect to IB's TWS? for more detailed information.

The ZeroLine Trader's main window is

Note: The instruments that are not connected are grayed.

Step 2. Right click on the first data row, ES, and select the Strategy...  from the popup menu. The Strategy dialog will popup:


Note: The parameters that are not turned on are grayed.

Step 3. Click on the Parameters tab:

From these dialogs, we know

Click OK to dismiss the dialog.

Step 4. Back to the main window, click on the ES data row's Ask Price column. A Buy LMT order at the ask price is automatically generated with the default order size which is 2 contract.


Step 5. click on to transmit the order.

Please notice the profit target order and the stop loss order are automatically generated based on the parameters in Strategy dialog. The Time In Trade column will show the duration of the trade. The MAE(Maximum Adverse Excursion) and the MFE(Maximum Favorable Excursion) columns will keep track of the most adverse and favorable moves in real time.

This will conclude the Quick Start with Main Window.


Quick Start with DOM (Depth of Market)

Step 1. Right click on the ES data row and select DOM.

Step 2. The DOM window will pop up and click the indicated cell to buy at ask:

Step 3. After the order is executed, the DOM gives a good vertical view of where the orders are placed:


This concludes the Quick Start to trade with DOM.