Transmit the order

   Cancel the order

     Restore the order

    Remove the order row


New Order:

When the order is just created, the Transmit cell will show and the Cancel cell will show .  Click on the Transmit cell will transmit the order to TWS. Click on the will remove the order row.

Transmitted Order:

The above picture shows the new order was executed and the Cancel cell is . Click on will remove the order row.

Also, the profit target order and stop loss order were automatically generated and transmitted. Their Cancel cells are . Click on it will cancel the order. Please note, the stop loss order can not be canceled from ZeroLineTrader. This is one of the discipline rules enforced by ZeroLineTrader. Also, you may have notice, ZeroLineTrader will refuse to transmit any order if the stop loss is not pre-defined.


Modify Order:

The above picture is after the first order (the profit target order )'s lmtPrice was increased by one tick. The Transmit cell appears again so you can commit the modification. Also, the Cancel cell is changed from to , click on  will restore the original order.


Order Status:

The Status cell will show the information returned from TWS after the order is transmitted.  The possible values  are:  

*The above status value explanations are quoted from Interactive Broker's TWS System Guide.