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Thank you for your interests in ZLT.

Please follow these steps to receive your 30-day free trial license:

1. Download and install the latest ZLT.

2. Run ZLT.

3. Find the file HardwareID(<ComputerName>).txt at folder where the ZLT is installed. For example,

    on Windows C:\ZLT_x64\HardwareID(TradingPC1).txt, where TradingPC1 is the computer name;

    on Mac /Users/trader1/ZLT-V3.87/HardwareID(home-macbook).txt;

    on Ubuntu /home/trader1/ZLT-V3.87/HardwareID(home-linux).txt. 

4. Email the HardwareID(<ComputerName>).txt file as an attachment to To avoid delay, just email the file directly and please do not manually type the content of the file into the email body.

5. Please make sure you can receive emails from

The license key file will be email to you within 48 hours.

If you have any subscription related question or suggestion, feel free to email You are also welcome to contact the developer by IM at:

Google Talk:

Thanks again for choosing ZLT - the innovative, reliable and easy to use trading platform.